The Catholic University of America

Annual Leave (Vaction) Policy


Additional History

6/9/17: The stand-alone policy regarding annual leave was incorporated into one overarching Leave Policy.

2/19/09: Part III of the Policy amended to give employees more flexibility in carrying over unused vacation leave. This change was made by the President at the request of the Chief HR Officer.

1/16/06: Policy reformatted in standard template. Minor changes were made (at the suggestion of the Director of Human Resources) to clarify the policy. This includes: changing the phrase "initial review" to "initial evaluation"; modifying the word leave with the word "vacation"; removing the definition of leave as it is applicable only to leave in the broader sense*, and adding the phrase "or for other emergencies" to the phrase "provide care for a family member who is ill".

* The definition of leave in this policy was only in the paper version, and not the online version, which is why it does not show up in the archived policy.