The Catholic University of America

Tuition Assistance Policy

Additional History

6/9/17: The policy was revised to permit staff and faculty to utilize the tuition remission benefit beginning the first semester which begins after their hire date.

6/20/14: Section II.C. regarding tuition remission was revised to clarify that on-line courses are not eligible for the remission benefit.

1/6/14:  The following language was added to the third paragraph of section III.B. regarding tuition exchange: 

Note, however, that in very limited instances a participating National Tuition Exchange school might offer a professional/graduate level opportunity that is coupled with an undergraduate program and that under such limited instances the participating school might consider tuition exchange for that professional/graduate level opportunity.  In such limited instances the University will submit the tuition exchange application for an eligible University dependent child for consideration by the respective school.

8/30/12: The tuition exchange portion of the policy was revised to change the eligibility requirement from four years of University service to two years of service.  The word "remission" also was removed from this section as it does not appear in related proceduredal documents.

6/9/10: The Tuition Assistance and Tuition Exchange policies were combined into one policy. The 127 benefit for tax free tuition assistance used to have a one year waiting period. The new policy effective retroactive to May 1, 2010 provides that all regular full time and part time employees as well as faculty members become eligible for the section 127 tuition benefit upon successful completion of their initial evaluation period. (usually 90 days unless stated otherwise) The entire layout of the policy was streamlined and made easier to read. See also the archived Tuition Exchange Policy.

2/19/08: See Section III B. Clarification that an employee may not receive tuition assistance for more than two courses per semester. The policy had stated in error that an employee could not take more than 2 courses per semester.

1/30/07: A number of changes were made by the President's Council to this policy.
The major changes are as follows:

The definition of depedent child was expanded to include stepchildren when the
benefit is non-taxable to such a dependent under the tax code.

The new language adds a definition of "one year of service" to clarify when the section 127 tax free graduate benefit commences for new employees. Clarifies employment eligibility periods that must be completed. Clarifies who is eligible by adding that part time employees who work fewer than 20 hours a week are not eligible. Changes the date by which first time freshman or transfer students who will attend CUA as dependent children or dependent spouses must apply to Feb. 15th. The prior policy stated only that application was necessary by the drop add date. Clarifies the dollar amount of the tax free graduate tuition benefit under section 127. A definition of academic year was added. Clarifies that although the benefit runs with the academic year, the taxability runs with the calendar year. Clarifies (to conform to practice) that employees may continue to receive tuition assistance for continued undergraduate study post receipt of an undergrad degree. Clarifies that law school is excluded from graduate tuition benefits that might be provided to spouses and dependent children.

8/25/05: Policy reformatted in standard template. No changes were made to the substance of this policy.