The Catholic University of America

Code of Conduct for Staff and Faculty


11/16/16: The title of the Code was revised to reflect its applicability to staff and faculty consistent with the text of the document.

4/6/16: The Code of was revised to correct formatting, and to update the compliance officer title from "Compliance and Privacy Officer" to "Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Chief Privacy Officer."

1/8/15: The Code was substantially revised for greater mission consistency, to clarify and emphasize values in the form of commitments, and to tie the Code more affirmatively to the Compliance and Ethics Program. The revised Code was reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, and was approved by the President and his Cabinet and by the Board of Trustees.

1/3/06: Policy reformatted in standard template. Reference to Faculty and Staff Handbook and Financial Policies and links to same condensed to refer to main policy web page.