The Catholic University of America

Employment - Staff and Faculty
Benefits Policy



6/13/13: The policy was revised to add the vision plan to the list of medical benefits, to clarify who is elgible for various benefits and what qualifying events must occur, and to revise the section regarding retirement benefits consistent with current practice.

Group Life Insurance

3/10/06 Added: The employee must complete a Beneficiary Designation Form within the first thirty days of employment.

The logic for this is that not all new employees attend orientation. This is a free benefit to employees, and this clarification will ensure that at least the option has been considered by the employee.

1/23/06 Removed the sentence re physical exams. Physical exams are not required for enrollment in the group life insurance plan, even beyond the 90 day initial enrollment period.

The above changes were made on the authority of of the Director of Human Resources, and reviewed by the Policy Committee.

Flexible Spending

12/16/05 Policy updated to show current flexible spending amount (operative earlier) and to change some terminology (from "family change" to "family status change").

Group Health

1/23/06 The sentence that in the fourth paragraph down under the policy was changed to conform to the sentence under the retirement policy that addresses CUA policy regarding continued health care coverage for family members upon death of a retiree. Change made on the authority of the Director of Human Resources.

Added a sentence to LTD policy indicating that regular faculty are eligible immediately upon hire. This reflects the practice and the plan documents and was simply added for clarification.

12/14/12:  The section on retirement benefits was removed temporarily pending revision.

12/20/05: This sentence " Employees in regular full-time or regular part-time positions may begin participating in the University supported Retirement Annuity plan at the age of 26 with at least one year of service." was changed to read as follows: "Employees in regular full-time or regular part-time positions who are at least 26 years old and who have at least one year of service with the university are required to participate in the University supported Retirement Annuity Plan." This reflects the actual practice at CUA, which is to mandatorily enroll such employees into the CUA retirement plan.

11/22/05: Policy taken from faculty handbook and reformatted according to standard template. Archived version contains minor language differences at the bottom of the policy.

April 2002 The paragraph that begins: "In the case of a tenured faculty member" was approved by the President's Council and added to the policy.