The Catholic University of America

Archived 2/19/10 Pregnancy Policy
(combined with FMLA Policy)

Approved by: The President and his Council
History: Issued --June 1, 1994
Revised --
Additional History
Related Policies: Family and Medical Leave Policy (FMLA)
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Responsible Official: Associate VP/Chief Human Resources Officer 202-319-5050

I. Policy

Pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions are considered to be temporary disabilities. An employee may apply accumulated sick leave and annual leave to the period when absence is required and, to the extent that these may be lacking, may request a leave of absence without pay. Approval of such requests is coordinated by the Director of Human Resources, subject to the discretion of the university and in consideration of the advice of the attending physician. For employees with more than one year of continuous employment at CUA the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Policy may apply.

Every effort will be made to restore an employee returning from an extended pregnancy/maternity leave to her former position or one that is comparable in status and pay.

If an employee on pregnancy leave does not return to work when released by her physician or does not indicate the approximate date of return, she will be considered to have resigned.