The Catholic University of America

Academic Graduate and Undergraduate
Student Academic Dishonesty

Additional History

11/17/16:  The following language was added to the Introduction to clarify applicability of the policy to online education:  "All students and courses, whether face-to-face or online, must adhere to the academic integrity standards of the University."

8/6/13:  Non-substantive changes (e.g. pronouns and formatting) were made to the Student Academic Dishonest Procedures for clarity, and section IV. A. was re-ordered for better flow of information.

4/24/07: University policy on academic dishonesty was revised based on first year experience with the new policy. The Policy and Procedures are now separated into two documents. The President signed and approved the new Policy and Procedures on April 24, 2007. The new documents became operative for cases arising with the summer session 2007. Cases arising before that time will be processed under the 6/14/06 version of the Policy.

6/14/06: University policy on Academic Dishonesty (and Honesty) was reissued as a new policy (with major revisions) entitled Student Academic Dishonesty.

11/7/05: University policies for Academic Dishonesty, Academic Honesty, and Unethical Practices were grouped together under the title "Academic Integrity" and were reformatted under that title according to the standard template. No changes were made to the substance of this policy.