The Catholic University of America

Archived 08/24/05

Full-Time Study (Undergraduate)

Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more semester hours are full-time students. They are required to register as such and to pay the corresponding tuition.

The certification to governmental agencies of all students -citizen and noncitizen - as full-time students of the university is determined by full-time academic activity as attested by the cognizant academic officer, not by payment of full-time tuition. Such certification is the responsibility of the university registrar.

Part-Time Study

All students who do not satisfy the criteria for full-time study are part-time students and, except as noted below, must pay tuition in the amount charged per semester hour.

Enrollment of Undergraduates for Graduate Study
Note: this policy is archived under Graduate Enrollment.

Continuous Enrollment

Continuous enrollment is required of all students enrolled in programs leading to degrees unless an authorized leave of absence has been granted. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment or to obtain an official leave of absence is considered to be evidence that the student has withdrawn from the university.