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Change of Enrollment: Undergraduate


Additional History

4/24/14: Section IV.B.2 regarding term withdrawal after the end of the drop/add period was modified to include the language "and on or before the published W date."  The change is an administrative clarification to eliminate ambiguity as to whether the deadline mentioned in section II regarding withdrawal from a course applies to term withdrawals. This change was authorized by the Provost in consultation with the Vice President for Enrollment Management, the Registrar, and the Dean of Students.

2/28/11: To establish clarity and consistency for the administration of Title IV funds. Grad and undergrad policy combined into one document. Reference to *Leave of Absence* removed as this is a Title IV Term of art.

7/29/08: An additional section was added to the leave of absense policy, commencing with the sentence which states: "A student who requests a leave for the current semester after the add/drop period has ended will be granted a term withdrawal for the current semester only." In addition, a change was made in the first full paragraph to ensure that the academic dean is made aware of the leave of absence request.